Do You Have Enough 'Woo Woo' To Succeed In Your Business?

A lot of people think “If I just hire the right marketing team, sales team, and ‘hustle’ my success is all but guaranteed.”

While you may end up making some decent money in this process, you’ll likely spend a great portion of that time with one or more of the following problems:

– Stressed beyond belief cold calling, doing outreach, and trudging your way towards your financial goals for your business…

Sucked into a business with clients you hate…

– Consistently struggling to keep the revenue coming in that you need to feel “good” about your business…

– Resenting your business and wondering, why can’t this come easier? Why is this process such a F$&KING struggle?

– Feeling like you’re literally walking through mud every day…

I want to share a very important secret with you– the best marketing in the world won’t help you if your energy sucks.

What do I mean by that? I mean all the emotions expressed above. If you’re constantly focusing on goals, KPI’s and the ‘hustle’ instead of acceptance, joy and adding value, you’re going to be miserable and not ever get the success you truly desire for yourself or your business.

The best marketing advice I can give any entrepreneur is to ADD VALUE, always act in service and love, and always look for ways to support those around you.

When you operate from higher emotional vibrations like support, love and enthusiasm, the success will come regardless of how many cold calls you make, networking events you go to, or eComm gurus you hire.

Now, when you take those high vibrations of being in total alignment with your business AND the best marketing strategies, sky’s the limit.

So, do you have enough ‘Woo Woo’ to succeed in your business?


That’s me and my dog, Sitka. Doing what we love, being in nature and trusting that if I always look to do good in the world, my needs will always be met. Have faith, trust in the process and please let go of the ‘hustle.’