What Is Dynamic Creative And Why Should You Use It?

There is a new feature in Facebook advertising that very few advertisers are taking advantage of: Dynamic Creative. Here’s the scoop. Dynamic Creative allows you to add multiple images, videos, and various ad copy versions all in one place at the ad level.

Then, Facebook’s algorithm will deliver your content in various combinations to its users and over time, will get smarter at predicting which variations will perform better.


Who should use Dynamic Creative? Well, anyone who is not a seasoned advertiser or marketer who isn’t sure how to correctly test creatives. If you want to run various versions of copy and images but don’t want to take the time to do the testing yourself, this is a great option.

We’re finding that the Facebook advertising algorithm is smarter than us. Surprise, surprise! So, if you’re putting together a campaign and you’re not sure which copy to add, use dynamic creative and let the Facebook advertising algorithm do the heavy lifting for you.

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