How To Get More Sales With A Kick Ass Landing Page

This article was written by popular demand. When the front end of your ad funnel is working (Click through rate is good, link clicks are good, cost per click is good) but you’re still not converting those clicks into leads or purchasers, your landing page is to blame. One-hundred percent of the time.

This is why I enjoy marketing. The data doesn’t lie. You can “feel” like it’s your targeting, but if your front end numbers look good and the purchase rate is low, you can easily determine your landing page needs work.

And here’s why I LOVE marketing. You get to take data and then use your creativity and psychology skills to create content that genuinely resonates with your audience.

Ok, enough about my love affair with digital marketing- how about some tips to help you get better conversions on your landing pages.


1. Focus most of your energy above the fold. That’s the first thing your users see when they click your ad.

2. Make sure you have a clear headline and subheading defining your offer and it’s value.

3. Social proof- Testimonials are imperative to a high converting landing page.

4. Benefits! Do not write about how cool your product or service is. Write about how it will actually help this person solve a real problem.

5. Have a CTA button above the fold and make sure it’s fixed so that no matter where the user scrolls they can click the CTA button at any time.

6. Optimize for mobile. Most of your traffic will come from mobile so make sure your landing page is FAST. Check your speed at

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