SELF QUIZ: Find Out Why Your Ads Aren’t Working

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Are you running ads and not getting the return on investment you were hoping for? Maybe your cost per lead is astronomical and you just don’t see Facebook ads as a sustainable lead generation source for your business at this rate.


Whatever your scenario might be, the following questions will help you diagnose exactly what you need to focus on FIRST to get your ad performance on track:

  1. Do you solve a real problem? Are you offering a product or service that actually helps people and adds value to their lives?

  2. Does your business have a clear target market? Do you know exactly who your ideal clients are?

  3. Do your ads target your ideal customers with niche targeting practices in your Ad Sets in Ads Manager?

  4. Does your ad copy talk about the benefits of your product or service rather than its features?

  5. Do you intimately understand your financials? Ie: do you know exactly how much you’re willing to pay for one lead?

  6. And finally, do you have a deep understanding of the Facebook Ads Manager ecosystem?

Now, go ahead and see what questions you answered yes and no to. These questions are outlined in chronological importance. So the first NO, you answered is the first area you need to address to improve your ad performance.

How’d you do?

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