The Best Way To Get More Organic Engagement

No one wants to get crickets after all the effort they put into a social media post. But the reality is that unless you have thousands of followers, it’s very difficult to build engagement with your brand.

There’s no silver bullet and one miracle formula for posts that’s going to get the engagement you want. But we have found a secret shortcut that will save you tons of time and frustration…

… Your customers!


The best way to win at digital marketing and get more organic engagement is to be unwaveringly focused on your customers.

Take the time to call some of your best customers and do market research so you are crystal clear as to why they’re working with you. Ask them open ended questions so they can speak freely about the specific problem they face and how you’re solving it for them. Let them talk about how painful it was before they met you or your product.

Let them explain how your help is making their lives easier or better in some way. Ask them about the value you add to them. Ask them how you can do better. Ask them why they chose you instead of your competitors.

Your customers hold the secret golden key and unlock the magic of how to find more clients just like them!

In marketing, when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Craft and design your social media posts as if you’re speaking directly to your favorite customers. This will help you get your messaging to resonate with the right people.

And, the bonus is that this will get more engagement with your social media posts and ultimately build rapport with potential customers and get more opportunities to grow your business.

If you’re looking to grow your social media presence and use it as a tool to gain more clients, let’s chat. We can hop on a call and talk about what your goals are and what the best strategies are to get you there. The call is totally free and will be a game changer in helping you understand how to prioritize your marketing strategy to grow your business.

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