The Best Way To Get More Organic Engagement

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The dreaded orange triangle with an exclamation mark is every advertiser and business owner’s worst nightmare. “Your ad account has been disabled.” There are 3 main reasons why ad accounts get disabled.

  1. There’s suspicious activity with your payment method. If you’re using a credit card for your Facebook ads and use that same credit card while on vacation out of the country, your account could get flagged and disabled. We recommend you choose a designated card for your Facebook ads and use only that card.

  2. You’ve purposefully violated their ad policy. If you’re advertising a product or service that is on Facebook’s “radar” such as health and beauty, financial, or anything sexual, you run a much higher risk of getting your account disabled. We recommend you read the Facebook Ad Policy thoroughly and use it like your Facebook advertising bible. Here’s the link to view their policy. Also, avoid overusing words like “you” and “your.”

  3. You’ve accidentally violated their ad policy. Here you are. You’ve read the policy, you put together ad creative that you’re sure complies and you still get your account disabled. What you can do to protect yourself is make sure to send only one new ad creative into review at a time. This way, if it gets denied, you don’t have 10 denials on record, you only have one. If the ad is approved, go ahead and duplicate to the rest of your ad sets.

If your account has been disabled or you’re concerned about it getting disabled and you need help, reach out. Our team is here to get things sorted. Send us a DM and see what we can do to get you back up and running again ASAP.

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